Is Your Practice Seeing More Patients, But Depositing Less revenue?

Only 30% of physicians around the nation realize that the decrease of revenues that they are experiencing is an internal issue. Most practices are inundated with backlogged claims, uncontested denied claims, unresolved appealed claims, and uncollected patient payments that are eating away at the practice accounts receivables.
Is this happing in your practice? You can recover the unclaimed revenue you are legally entitled to without any further delay, stress on you and your staff, and without spending thousands to do it.
By implementing MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center into your practices routine you will immediately:

*    Gain Peace of Mind-  Only MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center and it's certified billers will handle, submit, follow-up appeal and conduct the A/R and collection functions for your practice. Each biller/coder has a combination of at least 4 years of solo, group, and hospital experience.
*    Increase Productivity-  MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center is at your disposal from 7AM-7PM weekdays and 7AM-3PM on Saturday. MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center will work twice has hard to get you reimbursed so that  we too will become successful.
*    Increase Monthly RevenueStream & Decrease Rejections- MAR-NIA  Medical Billing Center mimics the payors standards to insure prompt payment to your location within 14-21 days.  We also vigorously appeal every denied claim and aggressively but tactfully pursue all patients that have outstanding balances. MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center will decrease your rejection rate to 2% by error checking each claim twice to ensure that  all your claims are clean before submittal.
*    MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center is compliant with the M-CEITA Government Program. Let us show you how you can recieve additional income through this stimulus program up to $22,000.00 extra per year.
*    You'll be very happy with our rates.